Fall Damage - How Many Stories Before Its Death?

Can’t seem to find it on google…so how far can u fall? Does armor impact this at all?

Good question. I can think of one quick way to find out…

If no one else has a solid answer, I’ll go build a tower and jump off with each type of armor and post the results here.

you should actually do that cause I was wondering the same thing

Ok, I jumped into a server to test this out and here’s what I’ve come up with so far. Keep in mind, all I did was built a 6 story staircase. When I say ½ story, I stepped off the back side of the stairs.

The test was done on flat ground with an evenly placed foundation (no high/low sides). All armor was used (Cloth, Leather, Rad, Kev) as well as no armor and it seems armor doesn’t affect fall damage. I tested multiple times with each armor. Also, I haven’t quite figured it out yet (or maybe it’s just random), but there were times when I was injured from 2½ stories, but not from 3. It seems that sprinting off the staircase as opposed to just walking off affected the injury. Again, these numbers will change with other factors taken into account (foundation height, running, jumping).

2 Stories or less = No damage
2½ Stories =** 24 damage** (Inconsistent Injury, Bleeding)
3 Stories = 42 damage (Inconsistent Injury, Bleeding)
3½ Stories = 52 damage (Injury, Bleeding)
4 Stories = 74 damage (Injury, Bleeding)
4½ Stories = 89 damage (Injury, Bleeding)
5 Stories = Instant Death

Wow, thank you so much for doing that!!! Those results are exactly what I was looking for =) it looks like I’d need to figure out a way to build pillars 5 stories past the roof of my tower to kill someone trying to jump from them to the roof lol


if you crouch, you live from 6 stories with between 1 and 4 health, especially if you slowly walk off the edge of something like a ceiling or stairwell where you can “lower down” before falling first.

if you manage to drag across a wall or rock on your way down, you can negate the damage partially or entirely.

if you drag across a wall with a stairwell behind it you can actually land on the stairwell, and traverse all the way down the outside of a building this way

just some fun facts.

How are there fractions there? Jumped off the middle of a staircase? Jumped down?

why i came here too, to see a answer :v:

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its nice you figured it out for us