Fall Damage to Stop Super Jumpers

On US West, there are lots of super jumpers at the hanger and is getting very annoying. There should be fall damage so they can’t do this anymore.

I agree

Your avatar reminds me of Darksydephil

Also no, I like jumping down mountains.

How about super jump just get fixed instead of adding a way of it killing you? In due time, that is.

Permanent solutions, not bandaids.

Do you honestly believe that a hacker that can fly himself extremely high, doesn’t also already have no-fall-damage capability, regardless of whether fall-damage is implemented in-game?

You’d be surprised. I once played around with a hacked Minecraft client (in single-player), and it contained a hack for flying. But when you touched the ground you immediately took a big pile of fall damage, probably killing you instantly. These hacks are not always flawless.

This right here. We want fixes not bandaids. Bandaids can be “ripped off” relatively easily…