Fall down outro

Hi facepunch. I’m creating a mod and need good ideas for how to create a good fall down sequence (faint sorta) outro and then teleport into a new room and then fade out…

I want the player to get a forced view that looks down and just falls to the floor, then when it’s on the floor it should be looking to the side, fade in -> teleport to new room -> fade out

If anyone could help me with just a little hint, I´d be greatful.

Make a model like the one valve made for the stand up animations for hl2, then use the same way, but falling down.

The thing is, their model is named blackin.

I can’t fin that model, the only one I find is blackout and it seems that it has different size than the one valve is using so it complicates stuff for me and I feel like I’m going to fail >.<

If this is for a mod, shouldn’t it go in the “Valve Games and Mods” section instead of the Gmod section?

(This is just a question, as I’m still relatively new to Facepunch)

Seems relevant here. This is the development section after all. Valve Games and Mods is more the advertisy section.

Not really. Due to the thread being about something which happen’s in a map/level then it seems fine to be in this section.

Make a model yourself for it. Just add a single bone to and move it exactly as you want for the map.