Fall of Cybertron G1 Optimus Texture General Opinion Poll

So I wanted to make a separate thread based on what I should do with the textures for Fall of Cybertron G1 Optimus made by this guy: http://facepunch.com/member.php?u=676937. My concern is that the blue textures look too dark to be accurate to be G1-ish, but seems almost fitting due to the dark and grittiness of the Cybertron games. The main question is this: Should I make the blue textures lighter, or keep them the way they are? What other work for these textures is needed besides that?

In-game Comparison:


Light Blue Edited version:


Unedited Version:

my version PW:G1

Well so much for my attempts at redoing textures. :suicide: All that’s left now is his ion “Retro” Blaster and his sword.