Fall of Hammer squad

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Shout out to Joazzz for helping with glow of lasers and suit bits.

what a shame

also what’s up with the blur
it looks really odd

the texturing on the ground looks flat and the lasers should glow

is it just me, or is that husk in the middle-right presenting its ass to the Reaper forces?

Could you elaborate more on “glow” part, please?



Shepard chose control ending, that’s why.

Decreased blur.

*"I am now in control of all Reaper forces across the galaxy and beyond…

It is time to do what must be done."*

the fact that it works in a CG video doesn’t mean it looks good in a still picture, and if you look carefully, those have a faint glow aura around them too

something like this would be adequate; i also took the liberty of blooming up the glowy bits on the armor and guns


Got it.
Thank you, Joazzz.

always happy to help

Nice posing, lovely angle.

I was expecting Russian army loosing their war against the Aliens.