FallDown Gamemode[Will Pay]

Recently, I came up with a awesome gamemode Idea, called falldown.
How this would work is just like the arcade game, falldown, but 3d, and In garrys mod, if you dont know what falldown is:

I am willing to pay for this, as it wouldnt be a 'easy project' also, it would be awesome if you could add a custom point shop, where u can get player models, hats, and trails

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So essentially, Players would be props or ragdolls themselves? Falling down custom maps, kindof like the Climb gamemode, but backwards. Would the map loop or would it have an ending where the first player who doesn’t die wins?

You also say 3D. Would this mean that there are other options from the one area on a 2D falldown game to escape at? Or is there 1 singular one that they have to direct themselves into else they die from going up?

Alright, so the player would just be a normal player, and by 3d, i mean it would be a like a giant tube, and u go down layers, and they are formated into rounds, if you win the round, you would get a lot of points on the shop, and maybe on the shop there would be other perks e.g seccond chance, speed…