Fallen Friends: The Story of a Ruptured Brotherhood

new one since old thread sucks


and yes they have jpeg rape blame photobucket

Too small, mate, too small

Wow what?! No beating for such words?!

A real CP would kick his ass for that imo.

€dit: How does he even know that the CP is a Recruit? <.<

Eh. CPs are just other civilians so I don’t think they ALL are abusive fucks.

Anyway it’s looking great.

they’d probably get fired and/or arrested if they weren’t sufficiently abusive. CPs are meant to stop seditious thought, after all.

I thought every Combine unit gets brain washing.

the CPs are just regular dudes or else Barney wouldn’t have been able to infiltrate them, but it is suggested by the Combine radio that CPs get greater rewards by sacrificing more and more of their memories and, eventually, allow themselves to be modified into Overwatch Soldiers.

I don’t know if they are forced to beat civilians though.