Fallen Trailer

This movie will maybe make us win 2000$.

You will win nothing with that piece of crap.


rly bugy like the walking thru the door and needs aa rly bad

Shitty server, shitty computer. You cant imagine how hard it is.

And i made it too short, with too much things.

well ive got to say its refreshingly differnt from your other mind rape videos that youve benn making lately.

gmod stuff is getting more views

What’s with people having really fucking crappy grammar?

The video was just good, don’t see the reason of whining about graphics and AA.
Rshunter has either bad eyes or crappy computer himself.

Seems like overuse of Catmull’s cameras :confused:

its not as overused as some of the films that have been added lately.


Is it annoying you that much?


Got enough bloom there, buddy?

Bloom is sexy.

Not if you overuse it :stuck_out_tongue:

The combine guy had a funny walking :v:

Other than that I really liked the movie :slight_smile:

The camera angles were great, in my opinion. The story could have been made a little more clear. Also, try to fix the lag issue.

Not worth 2000$, not worth 10$. Sorry.

Not enough static or slightly moving cameras. A bit much panning and sliding with the cameras, they weren’t used in a creative way. Video was okay, except the colors looked like an acid trip (too much bloom) and the lag was preeeeeety bad. Story made no sense either.