Falling Down

Well, can’t say I’m too pleased with this one, the editing is bad and the pose is rather stiff, but I think I had the right concept in mind.

But it’s tired and I’m not gonna bother re-making it 'cause I’m on vacation and have better things to do :v:


C&C I guess but it’s rather pointless at this rate.

where is that skin from?

yeah everyone holds their briefcase like that.

he looks extremely stiff

Good movie, but that’s not gonna save this screenshot. Nice try, though.

Falling Down, starring Michael Douglas. Just check out IMDB.

He means the actual skin.

Where he can get it, etc.
Not the movie, that’s really easy to spot.

I thought that was an odd question.

I used the Shaun model from Rusty’s misc. pack, and then simply deflated the head and replaced it with a male head from Bloo’s SCIENCE pack.

he looks constipated as FUCK.


For those of you that weren’t alive in 1993.

The good ol’ days…


Also, picture’s broken, but I think I know what you were gonna post.

Oh god :'D The character is really stiff.
Does this screenshot was edited with Paint ?

Guilty as charged. I’ve been meaning to get GIMP but am just too damn lazy.

So, uhhh, why is the road closed?

Dangit, I wanna quote the construction worker but I can’t remember what he says…

I think it’s time to get the VCR out and go watch it again.

I’d like some breakfast.

Anyone else think the Neo-Nazi scene is the best part in the whole movie? It’s so well acted and that guy just gives you the creeps!

Now you’re going to die wearing that stupid little hat.

His legs look to close together.

No wait, I don’t even know, he just looks strange.

I sure do hold a briefcase like that.