Falling Leaves - Chapter 1 (Poster)

I figured I’d just post this to inform people that ANOTHER HL2 comic will be coming out. Combine, rebels, citizens. All that. Anyway, here it is.

I hope some of you are looking forward to it, even though it’s just a picture with a title. I’m still working on the story so for now it’s just a mystery.

looks pretty cool, but pic could be improved
i also feel bad for newcomers or people that aren’t that good at screens
but so optimistic, especially if theres ass holes baggin on them on fp
no offense in anyway to anyone

Rated heart.


Picture is a too blurry. Posing isn’t that bad though.

The point is to make it feel like it’s dry and hot. That’s why it’s blurry. It’s also because it’s a poster. Thanks though.

Brightness, and a tan/yellow colorscheme make things look dry and hot.

Blurry forests don’t.

unless its heat waves, no?


Just blurring a picture will not make it look hot and dry.

Blurring a picture that already looks hot and dry will make it look like heat waves.

Otherwise it’s just blurry.

oh thats what i meant
not just the waves itself

with lighting and all that shit

Text and effects are god awful.

Tell me why and what I can do, I might agree with you then.