Falling Snow?

Just want to make a map with falling snow ideas on how to do that with particles or is there easier way?

Use the brush.

Explain idk what u mean :frowning:

Make a brush containing the area you want to snow. Tie it to a func_precipitation.

Make a brush
Texture it with trigger
Transform it to func_precipitation
Make the colour white-ish
Density could be increased to your liking, depending on how you want your snow to fall (heavy snow, or just a little bit)

The brush makes the snow. So if you want say, a room with snow particles, you make a func_precipitation in the room, the size of the room.

EDIT: I rated myself late, because the one above me stated somewhat the same.

You can also use env_embers(i believe), i did that once it and looked just like snow.

Yes env_embers works perfectly. Set the particles to white, and set the direction to point down. You can adjust the density and speed settings to your liking. You could also angle the direction to give a wind effect, although if I’m correct, an env_wind entity can actually blow the embers around.

What he said…
Make the density quite high, that’s if you want noticeable snow fall.

100 is the ‘noticeable’

Source is shit at good looking rain and snow unless you use custom particles