Falling through terrain

After the update I find that at certain times I will randomly fall through the ground. Since I am an admin on my server, I can usually press the shortcut for no clipping fast enough before I hit the water under the map and drown. But there have been times that I have not been so quick, and Have lost an entire inventory of stuff. Just me? Also, after re logging the problem goes away. I will be constantly falling through the ground (nut not objects such as rocks), re log, and all will be good again.

This is an admin only bug, seems to happen after using no clip. Could be related or not but it seems to happen when i noclip from or to my cave base. Like you said just park on a rock or base and relog to fix. I always have my fingers on shift-L when hitting ground after no clipping hehe.

Now that I think about it it does only seem to occur near MY cave base… perhaps some wonky geometry around caves?

Yeah well caves are pretty much hacked into unity, you are actually under the terrain mesh when in the lower levels of a cave. I suspect it happens after turning noclip on or off while under the mesh.

Explains why caves are such a bitch to build in

Yeah that’s part of the issue. It’s more than that though, caves actually have several terrain layers inside them, that’s why you sometimes see items floating through the air or furnaces that won’t lay flat on the foundation you set them on, etc. It’s less of an issue now but a while back you could set campfires and lanterns on this invisible “land”. Seems they fixed most of it, but it’s still a bit buggy :slight_smile:

Not totally fixed… today I was able to walk ABOVE all of my deep level cave construction on an invisible “layer” below me. Re logging fixed it tho