Falling through the floor + UI issues when pressing escape

Encountered this when Laziestnoob mentioned achievements. Basically, when you open the escape menu you fall through whatever you were standing on, and the UI gets fucked up.

I recorded said strange event.


LOL same D:

Fucking look at that faggot in chat spamming for everyone to press ESC. what a douche

I know right. Should ban him.

Single block tetris inventory and de materializing escape key.

What is there not to love?

If you’re dumb enough to follow someone’s advice along the lines of “PRESS THIS LOL” then you deserve the result. I mean, it’s the oldest trick in the Internet book.

Who the fuck reads books?

Also what the hell is an “Internet book”?

Have you seriously never heard of the phrase “oldest trick in the book”?

He’s ~trolling~