Falling Together


Hey guys. Realized I hadn’t done a screenshot in a while. So, I just got in-game and made this. This is a continuation from one of my older pictures, and it’s mostly in-game editing, only a few effects and edits were applied in Photoshop.

Hope you guys like it.

It looks a little strange in some areas but otherwise, its very, very nice.

The posing’s good but the guy with the knife looks unnaturally relaxed considering what’s going on. The guy underneath is much better.

I like it although I don’t know why.

Right out of a John Woo.

A perfect example of a perfect picture (what).

I seriusly thinks it’s fucking brilliant, but the pose could have been improved.
It gives me a cinamtic atmosphere and I love that, the editing is outstanding.
Faceposing fits perfectly.

Gets a feeling of Hitman :v:

Why thank you. :smile:

The guy stabbing looks unrealistisc, it dosn’t look like he ‘jumped onto him’ :slight_smile:

I can’t see anything.

Yeah, I know, it’s something I should’ve tweaked more.

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Fixed. Sorry, for some reason the file was gone from the site, had to reupload.

Broken glass are brushes?

Death never looked so beautiful