Fallout 3 10mm pistol replacing HL2 9mm pistol

I dunno, I got bored and decided to try porting a model from Fallout 3.
2 hours later, I got this.
Added sounds and phong and stuff and decided to release it, as I think people might want it.
Have fun with it. If anyone needs me to, I’ll recompile a version that doesn’t replace anything for use with SWEPs.
(HUGE!) Pictures:




SWEP Version:
Now with a free silencer!


This is great. Downloading :slight_smile:

Can you do me a favor and get bored more often?

I like what happens when you get bored.

I’m bored all the time…I experiment with things like this a lot. :v:
I just never release it, as I fiddle with it for 15 minutes then I forget about it.
I think I might try a shot at porting animations from FO3, too…
And maybe make some more weapon replacements.

KICK ASS! Fuck the 2 handed pistol I DL’ed, I have a FO3 pistol. GREAT JOB!

i would so download this but i don’t want to replace my 9mm pistol

can you do a swep copy also becuase i don’t wish to replace any files

Gimme 10 minutes.

cool if you are going to rip more weapons from FO3 can you get the rail cannon i think you need broken steal pack

Whoops! Fucked it up! ^^;
Not 100% sure if it works. :v:
It’s NOT an addon.

sweet i’ll try it out now

Err…no file

Yeah, uh, I broke it. ^^;

fix it >:o

I’m workin’ on it!
GMod’s too slooooow.
I hate making SWEPs…groan


I tested it.
It SHOULD work.
It’s based on Blackops7799 SWEP base.


This’ll go great with my fallout playermodels.


I just noticed you’re using the same HEV hands as I am.

How did you manage to do this?

Import > assign to HL2 v_pistol bones > export > compile > :v:
I used the NIFTools to import them into 3DS Max.

Man! i gotta get a tutorial or something…it seems like there are so many good crowbar replacements waiting to happen with Fo3 weapons

Welp, using this for Episode 2 permanently.

Nice convert!