Fallout 3 armor

Could someone possibly port these armor’s, I’ve seen a couple of armors ported, just wondering if these could be done with like citizen headhacks or something , if not all five, that’s ok, but the one that I would prefer if the leather armor and the bloody shirt one with the pouch
leather armor
bloody shirt
Merc Adventurer outfit
Merc Troublemaker outfit
armored vault 101 jumpsuit

y’know…it’d take a LOT of hard work to include a male and female model and just have them bodygrouped into every outfit…

wait holy shit that’d take forever…

I’m not talking about bodygroups or anything like that, and if someone did this just male would just fine. Like I said the Chinese commando and one other armor I cant remember the name of was done too.


winterized us army general is the other one i couldn’t remember the name of

You mean General Chase’s overcoat?

yea, I guess so.

fuck i need to torrent this game.

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No, you don’t.


one more for luck?

im having problems asking for anything fallout…i dont think people do fallout stuff anymore :(…btw whats ur fav armor?

from the request probably the leather armor, but in the whole game maybe the…not so sure I recently i stared over and I haven’t got very far i’m not sure : /

I like the power armor myself…but no one can seem to fix it very well and i cant fix it since my repair skills suck