Fallout 3 - Character skeletons for custom armor

Hey everybody!

I could not find a proper Wehrmacht uniform for Fallout 3 anywhere online, so I decided to make one on my own.
Well kind of…I want to port the uniforms from Red Orchestra 2. I already have a model set up and ready for rigging:


Now I need the skeleton for the male and female (or are they the same in FO3? ) from Fallout 3 so I can start rigging
and bring the uniform into the right size, position and so on.

But the problem is that Softimage really doesn’t offer a lot of possibilities for importing models, and there is no
NIF - Importer for it out there. I tried everything, but I just could not find any way to get the working skeleton imported
into Softimage XSI. It always gets somewhat fucked up and is unusable.

ANYWAYS! Is there anyone who has a bit know-how and who could give me the skeleton in a format that Softimage
can actually open? Something like SMD for example? PM would be ok if you want.
Please, I would be really really thankful.

I have ported many things including armor and weapons into FO3/FONV. Just a warning - the process of skinning the model to the skeleton is very time consuming if you’re not a pro. Furthermore, the community mod site(the Nexus) will not allow ported material from most games on their servers, so don’t try to upload it or take credit for it.

One problem with your request is that even if you could import the skeleton into the Softimage program, you would not be able to properly export your re-skinned armor into the .nif format as used by the game without compatible plugins.

I strongly recommend using Blender or 3ds max, even if you have to spend alot of time learning them at first. These programs have excellent plugins(google niftools plugins) that work with the .nif format of the game.

Oh, and the male and female skeleton are the same.

The most up to date version of the tools is for 3ds max 2012, though blender’s tools are still in the 2.4 version

I’ve been rigging models to skeletons quite a lot in the past, so that’s not the problem. And yes, I know that Nexus reacts very allergic to these kind of things, but thanks for mentioning it.

I don’t think that would be much of a problem. Softimage can export into some files formats that Blender can import, like FBX or DAE.

I suppose it is possible that you could export from Softimage into a format supported by Blender, but you would need the format to preserve the skinning data.

Also, it would be very tedious to keep exporting from Softimage, importing into Blender, and then exporting to .nif format. Since you’ve rigged in the past, you probably know that the process is time consuming and can take many exports/testing to get a version that looks good in game.

If you absolutely insist on using Softimage still, I may be able to help if you need to acquire the skeleton. But I’m not entirely sure what format would be good for use with Softimage or for properly exporting the skeleton.

That would be really great if you could help me! I will PM you, is that okay for you?