Fallout 3 Colonel Autumn's uniform

Could someone rip colonel Autumn from fallout 3 and headhack all the males on it? I know that it is a big request but the coat is just badass.

I agree, it would be rad. Hell, the female version too for an ALL TRENCHCOATS ALL THE TIME brigade. 18 people in trenchcoats would kick immense amounts of ass.

Your right i forget that a female version existed!

:open_mouth: i need this to be made

aka Mysterious Stranger

I think A Big Ass (Darko) ported this, but he didnt release it.

Not exactly, the mysterious stranger’s Coat looks like a traditional trench-coat.


maybe nexuselite could do this he also did the enclave officers.

and i found a picture of the female version someone should make that version to


that black undershirt like in this picture should be left in.

This needs to happen, if people can port from oblivion it will be just as simple porting from fallout 3.

Hurr, hurr rads.

If you don’t get the joke, you need to see why everyone in that chamber except Autumn dies.

Man, i didn’t think so many people would want this now we only someone who can port from fallout 3.

I’ll try these within the next couple days.

thank you so much!

http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=666618 tutorial how to port fallout 3. I can’t do it because i have fallout on the ps3.

bump to keep the thread alive.


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This would be so sweet…

thanks for the support!

So far, I have been able to rip models from Fallout 3, I just need a importer that works for 3ds max and I can work on it.

thanks a lot!