Fallout 3 Environment Suit

Could someone port this?


Would be awsome. Great model for poses.

A different hazmat suit…
only this one looks good.

Do it or I will kill you

I thought it already was.

Not as far as i know.
I’ve never come across it.

someone can do this model please ?

Not many people actually do requests.

Pretty awesome model. I support this.

cairfull i sence a infection mod using this if someone ports it twould be interesting

I expect that some porting for this model !!

Isn’t the whole point of a hazmat suit useless because your hand that’s using the Pipboy isn’t covered?

you can think that can change the texture with the photoshop

i know i was thinking the exact same thing when i first got my hands on one.

but there are plenty of mods on fallout3nexus.com that can remove it, groovatron works best.

i can port the model, but i need someone to rig it.


coming soon ?

What a pleasant surprise to come back and see my thread isn’t dead.
Thankyou KingNick220 and Dtmech for taking this task up.

Thousand thanks to them by doing this gift!!! :slight_smile:

progress ?