Fallout 3 - maintenance robot + corvega

Sadly i couldn’t do the mister handy model as i kept getting an error trying to open the file, so i had to move on to the mother ship zeta robot.

I also figured out how to do fingerposeing :smiley:

This will be the last fallout 3 port today.






Why don’t you just keep all these until you put them together in a big pack?

PLEASE DO SUPER MUTANT IF YOU CAN, that would rock, and nice model very satisfied with the others too ;]

no offense but does it really matter

Whoa madmanmad, your going nuts with these fall out ports. Keep the good stuff comin’ mate

Robot attack! Nice porting

Hot damn!

didn’t see that one coming!

Can you do the yao gui?

Mod is gonna have a tough time with all the links when he puts this in the gmod news

THIS!! ^

almost all other creatures have been done and basically now almost all robots…
Need to start on the next class of baddy…

also we need some kick ass mutees to pose with all thoes guns

Super Mutants you say?


I agree, I would love to see more. The one I have is pretty annoying. Can’t remove the hammer and its rigged to the CSS skeleton

I will attempt the super mutants some time in the future.


He didn’t know he would still do more after. Ass.

A big ass.

sounds good, cant wait.

i love you and the robots

Prolly gonna phong this in a min but i bet you’re all gonna go"NO OGM U FEWL U DONT NEED FONG ON BETHESDAS UBER MODALZ" When bethsoft actually HORRIFICALLY Sucks at model formats/animations/shaders.

link :v:?


Nice port(s).

how many mutant models where there in fallout was it 3 or 4 models