Fallout 3 Models?

Is there any way to port things from Fallout 3 to Garry’s Mod? I would mainly like to have vault doors (101, 106,108,87,92 i think), maybe some super mutant ragdolls, Enclave soldiers (power armor and Tesla armor), raiders, and a lot of the weapons (rifles, energy weapons, fat man, melee weapons, and ammo like mini-nukes or missiles, etc…).
It would also be fun to have things like mines (bottlecap, plasma, pulse, frag) and same with grenades (+ nuka grenade), Deathclaws, and last but not least Nuka-Cola stuff (bottles, trucks, vending machines)

that would be fucking incredible

Indeed it would… If we could port the model of maybe Megaton’s nuke, we could use some lua code from the Nuke swep to make it an actual nuke :smiley:

I know I have seen people port Oblivion models. Maybe you could get in contact with one of them.

I would MUCH rather see them port all the little models from Fallout 3. If I could get Cram, Nuka Cola, Pork n’ Beans, Plates and Forks, Books, Ammo, Tables, Chairs, and all the other furniture, and items; then my posing and RP would be so much better I would cry.

Dtmech ported some, ask him

I’ve ported some FO3 models already


Ankan, it would be nice if you uploaded them, and posted a link on here? Or maybe tell us if you make your own thread for it.

How did you port them?

3dx ripper is what i used but i can’t convert them to use in gmod or hl2 but if some wants to make a swep for the power fist which i think would be awesome I’d be happy to provide it


My god you have got to be the stupidest idiot ever

It’s going to happen eventually I think. Fallout 3 is still a new game so the community will need a little time to figure out workarounds and how to get things converted for source. Personally I hope someone gets the male and female versions of the vault dwellers done, making headhacks possible.

Then you didn’t port anything.

no that’s right my mistake mixed the words up but I’ve ripped it

Why do you need them that badly?

this would actauly be pretty cool

Apparently, this comic maker already has the power armor. Find him!

Just sent him a PM Via PHW, hope he uploads or something.