Fallout 3 MZ Spacesuit

Can anybody port the Fallout 3 MZ Space suit as a ragdoll for Gmod? Because i’m not gonna download Gmod Tower for just one model.

So if anybody makes this it would be highly appreciated.


So no one wants to port this?

Most models from zeta would be pretty awesome, like the samurai, cowboy, soldier, spaceman, shock baton, I think the rest have already been ported.




Yeah but i want the spacesuit.

someone already ported this I hear although I can’t find it

that suit would be awsome to have you should find someone who would do this for u

The suit is already ported, it’s in Gmod Tower, and playermodel too.

where in gmod tower I downloaded gmod tower and all I got was a cat bag

Please can someone port it for me?

My friend confirmed it, it is in Gmod Tower. I even have it Dl’ed

Awesome i’ll download Gmod tower then :slight_smile:


Theres something wrong with Gmod tower so i decided to port this myself.

http://www.filefront.com/14725779/Space-suit.rar/ here

That link is dead.

Edit: Mr.KillaZ did actually port it ^^ http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=829755