Fallout 3 MZ Spacesuit.

Lock this stuoid thread.

Please post images when releasing something like this, it encourages people to actually download it.


Picture uploaded.

Awesome, it looks nice :).


Also please post any bugs and i’ll try to fix them

Wow, this is sexy!

Thanks it took a lot of effort and dedication. :stuck_out_tongue:

I still don’t know how you kids can port from Fallout 3,

If possible, can you port the aliens too?

Maybe i can i’ll see first though.

Aliens are already ported.
Anyways nice work!

Wow, you didn’t even sleep? Well I’m glad your efforts were fruitful, it looks nice!

They were? Can you provide us with a link, please?

Yay. Nice port.

this ragdoll is messed up for me i spawn it and i can’t see it

I mean the other aliens you see in MZ.

I can’t see it either

i think he’s forgot to add some of the texture files or something

Madman was suppose to release mine, i guess he forgot , gonna remind him when i see him.

Nope he’s prolly fucked up the VVD or internal hexing.


AHAHHA Wow he HAS Stolen this from GMod tower, he just renamed the folders! In the actual model itself it’s Player not Killaz for the folder. BUSTED.

Pfff ahahahahahaha.