Fallout 3/NV textures for Hammer?

I was wondering if there are Fallout 3/NV textures for Hammer. There was an old thread, but the download links are dead and have been for a long time.

If you know how to get them, I would be very grateful.
Thank you.

Fallout 3 textures aren’t too hard to port. You just use something like bsa archive to extract them, then vtfedit to import them.

Are you kidding? The worst thing about those games were the stock textures. I mean, they were horrible IIRC.

Could you link the old thread?

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Also what kind of textures are you looking for exactly? I mean if you are looking for generic destroyed building textures then we have lots of those from other games, same goes for desert/wasteland textures.


I am mostly looking for decals, sprays, blood splatters, posters that sort of stuff. Also some Vault styled textures.

Rest such as the ground and buildings I could make with the HL2 textures.