Fallout 3 - Protectron

I wasn’t going to do another port tonight but i thought “ah what the hell” and did the protectron.





Tomoro i’ll do the sentry bot and mr.handy.

yay, more FO3 content. You should of ported this and the Nuka Cola one, maybe the others. I don’t remember if there was

Nice port

you’re awesome


Keep up the porting spree!

A fine addition to the Fallout collection



Click to download <3

Ah thank you for doing those extra skins.

Oh fuck me I forgot to do the custom Enclave Glass Dome

“Danger Will Robinson! Danger!”

i’ve being wanting the fallout 3 robots for ages thanks alot :smiley:

Nice! Another port

are you going to getthe robots from mother ship zeta too ???

lol, every fallout port you do has a screenshot of someone chasing somebody :slight_smile:

Nice port :slight_smile:

Yes! Nice! Now we need someone to port the fallout 3 map, divide it up into the sectors, convert it into source and Presto! Along with some more Fallout-y looking models.

Great Pack , but i would love to see the protectron with the wig on , buttons i think his name is , that would be good to see

THANK YOU, very nice.

You should include some of the other skins (if there are any) that are already in the game (as in, not modded in, unless to make the original skins look better).

Look up, I did that.

Is the police striped one in there?
The one with the black and white checks around the neck?