Fallout 3 Random stuff Ports V1


[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Fallout 3 Random Stuff Version 1

[tab]Version:[/tab] V1

[tab]Description:[/tab]6 nuclear explosions of Party Hat.
Chimera Tank
Baby Marie(Who’s a little unsmoothed so looks like Kryten from red dwarf also not pictured)
Tesla Cannon(Not pictured)
Ammo dispenser(not pictured)
Vault Suit

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Half-Life 2, GMod, Probably FO3(Covering my ass), Twenty Pence. A fondness for chocolate, and knowledge of Nocollide.
[tab]Dl LinK:[/tab] http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=84462 [/release]




The vault suit isnt rigged right?
And some pics of the tesla cannon would help (It sounds like a nasty weapon :P).

Going to download it later anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

No the vault suit is not rigged it’s the mounted one from moira’s


Tomorrow i’ll get off me fat arse and rig the armored Vaultsuit with a couple male heads and maybe a few alternate skins for like V13 and shit.(Not all males though)

Hopefully you can get Male’s 1-9 into that vault suit.

Will tomorrow

Chimera Tank holy shit!

This is great stuff, really useful.

Holy shit 45 dls i expected this to only get like 1 dl before fading into obscurity(As does all my stuff)


will crack on more stuff later(if i can find anything to port that’s not been done…)

Holy crap, the Chimera tank looks much bigger and more menacing than it did in Operation: Anchorage. You got my download for sure! Good stuff, all of it. Good luck with future models!

It’s cuz i’m a lazy twat and i forgot to resize it, i won’t resize it then in future.


FUCKSTICKS. i realized these aren’t unsmoothed(In my defense 3ds max just makes things mroe unsmoothed when i try to smooth)

God’s sake why does smoothing not workkk!?

Exporter issue with 3ds max 2010. Others have exported as 3ds then converted to SMD through Blender instead to work around the problem if that helps ^^

I use max 9

On hold until smoothing works.(Though the crashed space ship seems smooth so look out for it :D)

These are horrible and you deserved that permaban. learn to port please.

Joking. these are good but improve

So DB, what you gonna port next?

nice work

Well you already blew my cover :saddowns: and i lost my fo3 files again but i managed to get the crashed spaceship. so that’s gonna be my la-FUCK I LOST THE TEXTURES! UUUGH! Well. guess i can’t port anything else, over the weekend imma learn to rig and make some combine hacks and shit so, no more fo3 stuff from me. sorry guys.

That sucks ;/

Awww that sucks mate, I hope you didnt lost anything valuable besides that.
And good luck with the hacks.