Fallout 3 Recon Craft Theta and Fo3 Aliens?

Hi i need a model of the Recon Craft Theta from Fallout 3 and the Alien from Fallout 3(The Corpse next to the crashed spacecraft)for Gmod.I’ve seen some people in FP with the Alien Model but i can’t find it anywhere,if someone would be so kind as to provide a link to the Alien Ragdoll it would be nice.And for The Recon Craft Theta,i would like it ported as it is(I don’t EVEN care that it’s CRASHED)Because i would like to use it for Posing,screens and comics

Here are some screens :smiley:


Location of the Alien Crash Site(And the start of Mothership Zeta Quest)

Alien Corpse(In Mothership Zeta it’s a live entity(Enemy)


Thank you For taking time reading this thread.



The Alien Corpse is done, S-low did it already. Here I’ll get you the link:

Nice Thx for the model.