Fallout 3 - Robobrain

I haven’t done any fallout 3 porting in awhile so here’s a little something i decided to do, mainly becuase it wasn’t a very hard to rig model.





Enjoy, and i’ll probably do some of the other robots next.

Looking damn sexy… cough Voice…

Always glad to see more Fo3 ports


Awesome work! I always love seeing Fallout 3 models 'round here. I’d suggest doing the Sentry Bot or the Protectron next.

I’d like to see President Eden, but i think it was a part of the map rather than a model.

NICE, hope to see more.

No, that was a model.
A very large and intricate model.

That first screen just screams “DANGER WILL ROBINSON.”

i want your babys this is awsome!!!

Arms aren’t ragdolled?

arms are ragdolled


do president eden

That did NOT sound right.

why the president he is just a big pole with a screen at the top would be useless i would think

would be better just to do the robots only i’d say

He could be an obstacle. A tactical “High hide”, as in it goes high, for a sniper nest, and has cover. That’s the only use I could see, anyway.

lol maybe but i still think the smaller robots would be better

You should include some of the other skins (if there are any) that are already in the game (as in, not modded in, unless to make the original skins look better).

I’m doing that now, gimme an hour and I should have the robobrain and sentrybot variations out.

sweet pm me a link for the skins

Might phong/improve the quality of theese tomorrow