Fallout 3 Roleplay

Hey there! Me(Matthewbri) and my Friend(PuzzledPlane) are currently working on converting out 16 slot Gmod server into Fallout 3 Role play. If met with people loving it, we will upgrade to 32 or perhaps even 60 slot!

But that’s all in the far future.
Right now, I need help!

I need some help from Facepunch.

  1. I would like to have a chat with someone who knows how to set up cake/lemonade script and modding it for accuracy(IE Cash turns into caps). I also was wondering if someone can help me work in a tier system(I will explain later). I will also need a Damage Reduction(Armor) system.

  2. I need someone who knows how to port well. I can port, however right now all of my qc files say “Leaking 1 element”.

  3. I need someone who knows how to code SWEPs.

  4. A mapper would be nice. For now we plan to use CSC_Desert, due to it having a Vault.

  5. I need someone who knows how to maker player models(Raiders and Wastelanders!)

Weapons to be ported(I have them in SMD/VTF form)
Assault Rifle
Bottlecap Mine
Combat Knife
Fat Man Tactical Nuclear Launcher(Admin/Trusted/Special RP ONLY!)
Frag Grenade
Frag Mine
Laser Pistol/Rifle
Lead Pipe
Minigun (Special RP/Brotherhood of Steel Paladins+)
Missile Launcher(SPR for wastelanders, Paladin+ for BoS, High ranked Raiders)
Chinese Sword

The Factions that will be in place:
Vault 15(Anyone can join)
Raiders(Good RPers only, Need to show restraint and have a decent reason to raid)
Brotherhood Of Steel(Really good RPers only)
Wastelanders(Anyone Can Join)

Vault 15:
Vault Dweller- Extra Equip:
Vault Security- Extra Equip: 10mm Pistol, Stun Baton, Light Armor
Vault Overseer- Extra Equip: 10mm Pistol
Vault Expedition man/woman: Laser Rifle, 10mm Pistol, Armored Vault Armor

Vault 15 depends on the safety of the 13 ton door to keep their basic people in relative safety. Security acts like the “Police” you find in normal RP, with the overseer acting as a “mayor”. Vault Expeditioners are the ones who go out into the world on missions to get items for the vault, IE: Power Cores, Water Chips, ect.

Raider: Assault Rifle, Random Melee weapon
Physco: Assault Rifle, 2x frag nades, Frag Mine, Random Melee weapon
Head Raider: Assault Rifle, 2x Frag Nades, 2x Frag Mine, Sword, Missile Launcher(Can be taken instead of the assault rifle)

The Raiders purpose is to kill stuff. That’s it. Lead by the head raider, there basic purpose is to go around and loot and pillage, and take things by force.

Brotherhood of Steel:
Initiate: Power armor, 10mm Pistol OR Laser Pistol
Knight: Power Armor, 10mm Pistol OR Laser Pistol, Assault Rifle OR Laser Rifle, 2x Frag Grenades
Paladin: Power Armor, 10mm Pistol OR Laser Pistol, Assault Rifle OR Laser Rifle OR Minigun OR Misslelauncher.
BoS Military Leader: Power Armor, 10mm Pistol OR Laser Pistol, Assault Rifle OR Laser Rifle OR Minigun OR Misslelauncher OR Fatman(Special RP only!)

The Brotherhood of steel will occupy the military base in CSC desert. The admins will scatter random tech around the map(IE, Cars, Helios, Guns, some other stuff) and the BoS’s mission is to retrieve it. This is for very special RPers only, as you will often have to be indifferent to people and may even have to kill innocent people for tech, if they are not willing to sell it.

Wastelander: Random melee Weapon
Guard: Assault Rifle, Melee weapon
Sheriff/Mayor: Assault Rifle, Grenades, Combat armor

The Wastelanders will occupy the town, and are responsible for:
A: Making sure there town is secure
B: Becoming a strong trading outpost

The wastelanders will seem to be the worst faction(Have to fortify there town, little to no armor, blah blah blah) but they will fast turn out as one of the best due to the fact that they will have the sole ability to manufacture new weapons and items, and will be amongst the few to have doctors and shops.

The Enclave have only one unit:
The Tesla Trooper. The Telsa Trooper, Being an Admin/Mod, may select any weapon in the game. In addition, they (If i/somone else can code it) Vertibird Transport.

Then Enclave are the US Shadow government. In RP, they have the ability to kill any troublemakers, and can take people hostage. Out of RP, they are the admins, and stop Mingebags and bad RPers.

Light Armor(IE: Security Armor): 20% Damage Reduction
Combat Armor(IE: Combat Armor):45% Damage Reduction
Power Armor(IE:BoS Armor):75% Damage Reduction

That’s all wastelanders, please post if you have Ideas, or if you can help!

I know everything about cakescript. =3 add timn on steam, I’ll send you a shout when I get on.

Awesome. Three timns showed up, so i added the one with the cat, i hope that’s the right one.

Why is post nuclear RP so popular?

Because it will be reality soon with the way that Iran and North Korea are going.

That’s right World. Come get me!

I’m the TIMN with the “What is my name” picture… Just give me your steamid. :smiley:

Edit: http://steamcommunity.com/id/timn

Added you. Thanks. Know any coders?

Hi, I am an adequate and new coder and I have been looking for an idea to work on. If you would like me to help please add me, my steam name is Wolfon33.

Need any help on models, Weapon Models, Sword Models?

Yes! I would love to have you on the team, and will contact you ASAP.

Yes, help would be awesome. I have the stuff we need in SMD/VTF form, do you know how to compile.qc files? I keep getting Leaky Element things that stop it.

I have done it before, Lets see if i can do it again :slight_smile:

I could help with some mapping. I am quite ‘rusty’ or whatever the English word is but I could maybe give it a shot. If I got the time, add me on steam

Sounds good!

Add me on steam@ 501stLegi0en (steamID) or look for [PG]Matthewbri[Brik]

theres falloutscript in releases but good luck making it through the update.

I’ll help you with cake if you want.

WANTED: Animator for SWEPs. Please contact me at 501stLegi0en(SteamID) or [PG]Matthewbri[Brik} (Alias). Please contact ASAP.

I can help with beta testing.