Fallout 3 - senrty bot

3rd fallout 3 robot here, next up mister handy.





Enjoy citizens.



Very attractive :smiley:


I am going to so smash the shit out of this fucker. I hate Sentry Bots

You should include some of the other skins (if there are any) that are already in the game (as in, not modded in, unless to make the original skins look better).

And yes, I did post this in your other 2 robot threads.

Nice port.

Argh, I hate Sentry Bots.
But Senrty Bots I’ve never fought.
Nice port.

Hot damn!

befor you know it you will run out of things to port!

Dude, you work fast, why not making a big pack instead?


Click to download!]( https://www.wuala.com/Sliferzzz7/stuff/uploads/sentry%20bot.7z?key=srsbsns)


madman & sliferz you are both gods thanks so much

Also, instead of release one model per thread, can’t you just make one thread called, “Fallout 3 - Robots Pack” or something and put it all in there? =/

does it really matter? as long as it’s awesome I’m good

you work fast… and thats y ur AWESOME!!!

That guy’s an asshole.

Excellent work my friend!

And you sliferz, did also a great job on the skins!


Click to download!]( https://www.wuala.com/Sliferzzz7/stuff/uploads/Sentry%20butler.7z?key=srsbsns)