Fallout 3 SNPCs - Remade

Had a change of heart.
These will never be finished
Sorry folks but i cba with lua as i’m on another major lua break (usually lasting 4/5 months)

Can a mod close this thread?


Like the working world models with animations, but by lookin at the video, you should fix alot of the bugs.

That’s roughly 4 hours of work

That’s pretty cool, I bet they’re gonna be awesome when finished.

From what I can see in the video, there’s a lot of bugs, but they look pretty gnarly.

Good work, dude. Keep it up.

it seems to have a bit of bugs but i think it will end up being awsome if you keep working at it

Gah, why do i keep getting dumbs?

Fixed the ghoul a tad so now he doesn’t get stuck inside you
Oh and the errors on the side of the screen are fixed

Silverlan’s making some Fallout 3 Snpcs as well (at least I think he is). If you’re ever having trouble with them I guess he’s a good person to ask seeing as he has direct experience relating to this. Keep up the good work.

could you record and post some progress? I would like to see ghouls that take damage and donnt ghost into your body. Thanks!

I’m sorta grounded for ages.
Only allowed on pc at weekends.
THIS IS NOT AN EXCUSE, the only reason i’m on now is that i had to make my mum a music cd

good…to know…

Update when you can please