Fallout 3 stuff

I’ve tried getting the fallout 3 stuff to work in Gmod, downloading it off the main site and such, and none of it seems to work, it doesn’t even show up in the browse menu.Only stuff that ever worked was the Power Armor player models.

List everything that you have tried doing.

Just saying “I’ve tried” isn’t enough, mainly because you have a problem getting simple addons to work. Or, actually I don’t know what “fallout 3 stuff” you’re talking about since you define it as “stuff”.

You don’t even have gmod.

Good point. :smiley:

What the…fuck!

Well, for reference to everyone else, I just put the stuff in like normal, the Sentry bot for instanc,e but nothing would take.

Why isn’t Garry’s Mod in your steam profile’s games list?