Fallout 3 styled body search

My request is for a FO3 styled body search. Like, say if I spawned a Combine Elite with a shotgun and killed him. The Combine Balls and Shotgun would drop but you couldn’t pick it up by walking over it. You would have to go over to the corpse and use “E” to search. A menu would come up and it would have the split box with Left being your inventory and Right would be the Combine’s. Since he had only Balls and a shotty, those would be the only 2 things available. When you highlight the item of selection and hit add, it would be added to your inventory ( Not like having 2 shottys, just giving ammo or you could make it give you 2). Its up to you on what you want to take and leave. Then if you say want to leave something in his inventory, your options would be any of the default weapons ( Except the Physgun), any entitles small enough, or SWEPS. You can always go back and get them through the corpse again. Some item examples

Weapons- Random or depends on what you spawn them with

Ammo- The weapon you spawn them with

Health- Random but Medics appear more

Random props- Random, don’t get added. They spawn in front of you

Combine balls- Elites or just Combine

Just a idea, tried to be a descriptive as possible

include spawn platforms with random stuff on each npc’s