Fallout 3 Sweps

Hey guys, I was wondering if someone could make the Weapons from fallout 3?

The models need to be ripped and the sounds transfered after that just basically translating

10 mm smg = smg with 10 mm smg sounds and model

10 mm piston = pistol with 10mm pistol sounds and model

Sniper rifle = Combine sniper with sounds and model and no beam

Laser pistol = pistol with laser pistol sound model and a beam.

Laser Rifle = Combine Sniper less powerful no scope, and a bit faster with the laser rifle sounds and model.

The 10 MM pistol is done already.


All of those

If someone is going to create them, they’re going to need to create a set of v_models for them. You can try to find the guy who made the 10mm pistol SWEP, see if he wants to create more models.

What we need: Rock-it-launcher swep, Fat man swep

Yes Me wants the Fatman!

Also Vats would be epic!

Vats would just be a script, you know.

You mean vats is possible??? I assumed it was impossible therfore never asked.

It cant work in multi. But maby in single. Does such a thing exist

Could work in multi but would Stop time for all the others too what can be annoying thus will probably not Implemented!

How would it be done in single? source does use hitboxes so its theoreticly possible but they arent as sepecific as those in Fo3. If anyone can make this PLEASE do. I want this unbelievibly badly but assumed it impossible

And what about vats that doesn’t stop time?