Fallout 3 SWEPS!

I am currently making a pack of Fallout 3 sweps. I saw people wanted Fallout 3 sweps, so I started creating them.
I already have created the assault rifle, 10mm pistol, and the fatman. They are all on the awesome mad cow base.
But one problem has occurred, I need someone to hex models for me. If anyone wants to help me on the model hexing, join me in this project. My steam ID is Mr_Selim. My email is MoparMan777@gmail.com. Please contact me for help, you will be highly credited!


ugh the fo3 weapon models look even worse when put into an engine that isn’t brown jesus christ

not your fault i know, but holy fuck bethesda’s art team needs to learn how to do weapons

SWEPS!! I llike!

I’ll hex them just you have to add me since I can’t find you on steam

Ok I added you as a friend, now we gotta be friends on steam. Thanks for your help!

Some one 'oughta make these textures high resolution.

Ok I’ll work on that, remember, this is only version 1, and I’m still working on these.

needs spec map

Not looking that good, sorry to say. :confused:

Sweet texturing there by Bethesda. Almost as good as their modelling skills. Almost as good as their sound design skills.


This thread reminded me that I have some stuff laying around, and I know I won’t continue them. I’m not sure exactly how buggy it is. I know that there might be a slight misplacement with the muzzleflashes. Anyway here you go:



All the models and materials were created by Bethesda game studios and are property of them.


By the way, why would you need someone to hex? You’re compiling the models and giving them a different name I presume.

The animations were also garbage. Almost as bad as Stalker’s animations. D:

I think the only decent weapon in FO3 was the Chinese Assault Rifle.

Oh wow, are these really the view models? They actually look good in FO3, wonder what tricks gamebryo plays to make that happen. Good luck with this anyway.

@Dakarun, didn’t know the flamer was actually a minigun in disguise :v:

also laser

Rossmum, I like them in gamebryo, maybe I’m just blind :frown:

Yeah just for clearification, these are only models, not sweps.

Thanks! I will use the models, I have a flamer base, and am now creating a laser swep base. Thanks!

Well they might have to low resolution textures (since I havn’t looked at them honestly), but someone did make a prop pack of all the weapons in the game which could be used for the world models.

Glad to finally see someone working on an Fo3 Swep pack, I made a guass rifle request a While back with its knockback with the ragdoll effect. but didn’t get to much support…

Those animations look like Bethesda made them.

You can always download higher res skins off of Nexus if it bothers you that much.

lol, bethesda

nice work on the sweps though

sorry but im new but every time i see cool sweps on here i cant find the download button