Fallout 3 texture pack for Hammer.

Original textures from Fallout 3 Nexus community riped for source by me (not all texture but lot of).

Uncompressed archive : 1.13 Go and compressed ~630 Mo.
65 2K (2048*2048) textures with color, normal and alpha.

If someone can/want reupload the file on an other upload web site (filefront, megaupload, etc…) you can and give me a link for add to the liste, thank you.

If you need Fallout3 props you can find here and here

If you want .vmf and .bsp exemple, you can take it on my FTP here 335 Ko (Warning, you need Fallout 3 props and my texture pack).

Sorry for my English, see you.

Is this even legal

No one gives a shit.

Awesome! I tried this before but there was an issue with the resolution which I now know was actually something stupid I was doing uring the conversion.

Sweet, more textures. :buddy:

Interesting! GM_Atomic could be rivaled by better Fallout 3 maps now. (Only seen Atomic, correct me if theres more than that.)

FO3 maps look crap in source because the massive difference in lighting.

It’s not that Fallout 3 maps look like crap, it’s more of the models that do.

I dont mean to sound like an ass (seriously) when i say, that most of the custom models you have seen on gmod and facepunch have been ported from other games + textures have been ported before from other games for gmod.

This isn’t FPSBanana, we’re mature enough to not give a fuck

Nice pack, maybe I’ll make some houses with it :allears:

Another great content pack provided. Good work!

Atomic is a post apoc map, NOT a fallout map. Not all post apoc maps have to be fallout maps.

The main different between fallout and atomic is that atomic has no Vault Tec bunkers. It also has no FEV, super mutants, Wanamingoes, eyebots, protectrons, nuka cola, pip boys or robotic dogs.

Or '50s architecture… Or anything really to do with Fallout 3. In fact the creator even said he never played Fallout 3, at least when he made it.

And yes i have had a little rant over this on my blog "shameless plugging here*

I don’t thinks so, maybe my custom map pack. It’s very long to convert the Fallout 3 textures.

Creat a beautiful map with that, I’m curious :buddy:.

Finally someone makes a good pack of Fallout 3 textures. Will probably use this in the future, thanks!

I think alarms should be raised when people start trying to sell this stuff. Other than that who cares?

Still, you’re giving out something from a game you pay for, for free. I don’t really care though. Why would a big company like Bethesda care for a small texture pack like this?

Confusing the two is a simple mistake for me, sorry about that. :frowning:

OP, what did you use to convert these?