Fallout 3 - Vault Pack

Here it is now. The first of my Fallout 3 modelpacks. This pack includes ported models from Fallout 3 Vaults. Such things like the Jukebox and Nuka-Cola Machine, and also some ordinary props like television and radio. About 40 models.

I am looking for assistance in the project to port almost all of the Fallout 3 models into Garry’s Mod. I have no experience in making ragdolls or animated props, and that’s why I’d like to have helpers. I am also working on a map called Vault 69, and these props are going to be used in it.

Check out the Fallout 3 Porting Thread in the Models / Skins section too, it’s where I showcase the map and most of my future plans.


Downloaded :slight_smile: i think i’m the first one thats new for a change :smiley:

They look great on the screenshots, going to try them now.

Fuck yeah!

Hoyl fcuk, that’s awesome :smiley:

Look great. Nice job, are the props like chairs custom phy?

Also i could be assistance with the ragdolls if you need. Already doing some of the ragdoll from the fl3.

The chairs had nice collision models in Fallout 3 but the Source Engine studiomdl fucks the collision model up always, so in case you want to have a ragdoll sitting on one, you need to use the nocollide tool.

As for the ragdolls, it would be really nice to have some characters like the Brotherhood of Steel guys and Super Mutants, and the Raiders. No need for them to be faceposable, just that they’re quite basic ragdolls. I can port the weapons as props.

Hmm i guess you’ll need to make the custom phy from scratch perhaps. I got BOS almost done and got some other surprises i’ve been working on. I don’t mind face posing them really, like to give them the best i can when i do the ragdoll with faces.

Add me on msn if you like if there anything else you need or help with.

Thanks man,Gonna use in my map.

About time someone release some power armor!!
You would probably made it to the popular section on garrysmod.org.

Sweet, I can turn the bunker on gm_atomic into a vault now :slight_smile:

Downloaded :dance:

Very nice work, now we can hopefully get a nice Vault RP going.


Oi nice model pack.

Want more

Awesomeness by 100000000, great job.Hope 2 see more in the future :smiley:

Awesome. The walls aren’t included, are they? D:

No the walls are not. I can’t make proper collision models and they wouldn’t work well.

Thanks a lot :smiley:

Instant download.

Vault 69?