Fallout 3 Weapon Sweps Request

There are the models for the Fallout 3 weapons on this thread: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=699039

And I was wondering if I could get someone to turn them into world and view models for sweps, it would be extremely appreciated. Thanks for reading.

Wrong forum for SWEP requests. Sorry m8, be seein’ ya!

Well it’s not really a SWEP request it’s more of a SWEP model request, because the models aren’t SWEP compatible and i need a modeler to convert them

What you need is an animator, and those are quite rare.

No they aren’t. People just get slack.

someone should do the fat man! fucking awesome idea!

ive tryed to get this befor but noone helped me but i hope someone dose these and maby can do a few replacements for the counter strike source wepons to fallout 3 wepons

Spell correctly please

Can anyone do these please?

I just got fallout 3 the other day, it’s fucking epic. Gmod sucks balls compared to it.

Are you asking for a scripter or a modeller on an animationer (?).

Please be more specific.