Fallout 3 Weapons

I had the brilliant idea of seeing if any Fallout 3 weapons have been made. To my avail, they are just models. I was wondering if anyone could make the Sweps. In particular I would like the small guns (Combat shotty, 9mm pistol, 9mm submachine gun, assault rifle, etc.) but the explosive and big guns would be nice too. I believe we have been in need of these sweps for a very long time. I would do this myself but I have no experience with any modeling or scripting and am a terrible artist to boot.

I came.


Silverlan is working on Fallout 3 pack, that will contain snpcs and sweps. You just have to wait, couse no one is going to make this better than silverlan.

Does he keep a blog or something that contains his progress?

Well, It’s old video but have some amazing stuff in it. Yup, it is Silverlan’s.

Is he still working on it? Any estimated release date? It looks awesome so far.

I must say, the animation isn’t too good.