Fallout 3 Winterized Combat Armor

If someone could get the winterized combat armor with the mask and everything, possibly female and male models, it would be amazing.

It’s from the Operation Anchorage addon for Fallout 3.

I second this.

I mean it would be amazing to have, and to use on servers, so and so.

Yeah, It is a pretty good set of armor in the Game. I also would like to see player models and Ragdoll’s of these as well.

Seems no one has the time to port a model over…

Port and rig.

That is why I haven’t done it yet. The darn rigging.

How long would rigging take with a Fallout 3 model like this?

I can rip it rigged, if you want, as long as you can find someone else to do the phymodel and joint limits.

Wouldn’t be too hard, I could probly do that myself.

And if it’s not too much of a hassle, could you possibly get both male and female versions?

I’ll see what I can do. Don’t know when I’ll find time to do it, though.

Well since we are on this topic it would be cool if someone could port the combat armor and add the citizen face to it.

Well on the topic on Combat Armor


I’m Afriad those links are broken Jason.

At the very bottom of Bloo’s post there is a Filesmelt link that works

Any updates on when you might be able to port the model?