Fallout 4 props

for the past week or 2 ive been converting model files from fallout 4 so i could port them, ive finished converting them to the correct format
Now all i have to do is take them all (5k+ files) and make them into source props ,and convert 6.5k+textures

Im not exactly sure why im posting this, i guess im just looking for feedback because i’m losing motivation

I’m guessing you won’t make collision models

are you going to give them bodygroups or anything, or are you just giving the models and dassit? either way, good job you da best

this looks promising :slight_smile:

that’s amazing, good job man

good god

You should round up some willing volunteers and split the work of converting all of those.

If you need help with the textures, I can try to batch convert them for you, if you’d like.

just an, update, ive finished most of the furniture and will be working on armor soon

Can you port for me water pump pls _? thx.