Fallout 4 - Settlements

Sorta getting back into doing gmod stuff.

Here’s a little something i made after thinking about the settlement building feature in fallout 4.

Ah yes . Also where did you get the vault outfit model ? been lookin for dat shit .

It’s a retexture mod from off the Nexus

Oh lord thats good.

ive never been so hyped for a game in my entire life after seeing that E3 showcase

It was ported for Spire, it’s reskinned in the video.

that’s the only link I have onhand, I didn’t upload it to the workshop so don’t get angry at me if it doesn’t work. But uh, most world models from Fallout, most player models and most props from Fallout are in there.

I hope this helps you.

Welcome back, buddy. Was that in gmod or sfm?


It was done in gmod, i’m not too confident in SFM so i’ve only used it a few times.

The model i used was ported by a friend years ago, probably around the time the game first came out.

I don’t think any of the links are up anymore, not sure though.