Fallout 4 UV mapping heads


Been trying to UV Map a FO4 head that i exported into Maya as an OBJ using nifscope. I was having trouble finding the textures for the hair, scalp, eyeballs, eyelashes and temp head (the back of the head). But now the only thing i’m having trouble finding is the texture for the temp head. I’ve searched the directory where i placed all my extracted BA2 files and i even checked the game installation directory but i didnt see it. I cant really google FO4 head/face UV related stuff cause all i get back are peoples lame attempts to recreate Lara Croft or Walter White using the character creator.

i recommend exporting with a mtl file and just get the texture paths from there

It does have an MTL file but when i go to render it in Maya the textures arent showing up. I have to manually look for the textures in the attributes menu. I’m using nifscope to export the model to .OBJ but i hear that nifscope might have issues with its OBJ export feature? I’ve also tried using Blender and even 3dsm but i’m not seeing textures when i render in those either. And i hear that Maya is also better suited for .FBX.

use neosisv4147 or higher, it crashes sometimes but always works for me

I tried it out, even made sure that i used that version or higher but the texture maps still arent going through. Also the verts at the edge of the neck are skewed way off. The rest of the model looks fine but the verts at the edge of the neck have their X, Y and Z coords way off. I imported the .OBJ into Blender, 3dsm and Maya but when i tried to render them in each program it was still just a blank head. I’m probably just noobing it up on my end, but everywhere i look it says that the .mtl should be applied automatically. General 3dsm/blender question–when i go to import the model that i extracted with neosis can i go right to render and it should show textures? or do i have to set up the UV’s first?

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ok since i’m back to Maya and having to manually assign the texture maps i thought that i would just substitute. I dont have to position the verts on the texture or anything like that i just have to navigate to the texture directory so that when i go to render the model will have the texture instead of a generic phong or lambert material surface. So the only part of the mesh that was still untextured was the TEMP or the back of the head. So for that i just used the defaultfemalebody texture and i think it looks find now. The front and back of the head colors match up.

So now i just need to figure out how to apply the normals and specular textures since all i’ve been messing with are the diffuse map. The color is also a bit off since i’m using the generic female textures. But color matching the skin to the actual NPCs skin color in game should be easy enough with Maya or even with GIMP i’m guessing.