Fallout Aid Items (Consumable)


"You are not free to:

  • Modify this addon in any way
  • Claim it to be your work or take some credit for it
  • Make money from it, Example: Sell it as a donator item on your server. "


You can’t modify it? Like even for your own server? What’s the point of that?

Because I don’t want people messaging me saying it’s broken because they added something to it…I got like 4 people add me after I uploaded it asking how they fix what they added to it. In all fairness I’ll take it out but put a disclaimer saying that if YOU break it then it’s YOUR fault.

It’s just some legal mumbo jumbo to dissaude people from reuploading it with minor changes then claiming they made it. It’s not like the guy is gonna send you a DMCA if you change something for your personal server.

Yea that’s what I was thinking :slight_smile: But I edited the description a bit.