"Fallout" Comic Prologue

This is not about the Game “Fallout”. I’m sorry, but I just happen to suck at names.
The story is kept übersupermultifucking-secret at start (read=I haven’t figured it out either). But I think you can guess what it is about.

Some things you see can be changed. So critism and suggestions are needed and used accordinly.
Oh yesh, this is also my first comic posted on Facepunch.

I really like your comic buts whats the plot?

this is very good, im looking foward to seeing more.

The Gasmasked guy is on it’s way to a military base, and while on his way there, he is trying to reach a town in hopes of supplies.
Oh, and no need to say that there will be glichey flashbacks to reveal the story bit by bit.

But I’m trying to do them the coolest way possible.

Want any good maps to fit into the story?

Would be nice. Thank you

Here not sure if you like the Chernobyl setting but most of em will fit…

Interesting start, could be good.