Fallout Factions: An interesting mod with a lot of potential


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Jesus christ, I haven’t seen you around FP in a long time Hezzy. weird.

Any vid so I can preview?

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wSlLmflhek

Sean, this is pretty blatant advertising… :v:


Video is really big so I’m not going to embed it, but basically I just go to the steam group that’s linked in the video and he just so happens to be an admin in it. Surprise!


EDIT: Dude you have a guy who is verified and has almost 90k subs on YouTube with a video showing off your server (yet another DarkRP mod), do you really have to come advertising here…?

I got on and became an admin over time. I wanted to see who actually knows about it besides myself.

Still smells like advertising. It’s like if a mob boss stuck a giant sign saying “EVER HEARD OF THE SANDIOS MAFIA? CHECK IT OUT!” and someone asks him “Are you advertising your… gang?” he replies “NOPE! Just seeing if people know me.”

Is this guy going to release the gamemode?

I though this was just a DarkRP edit


ooh cool