Fallout HUD

Hi there! That’s my second HUD, if you are looking for another, i have BF HUD (Was really famous)
But for fallout fans, (Including me) i did this hud, so just install and enjoy!

Credits goes to Bethesda for create the main gui textures and me for code it on 14 hours


*-GUI full extracted from the game
-Customizable with the weapon color
-All the features!
-Compass working
-Propertie menu for set objetives stuff
-Damage indicator
-Blood drops
-Enemy health hud
-Arrow on npc’s and player

*VATS was include just for test, the command for use it is “vats” and you must have equiped a gun, set the targets with LMB, move for objetives, etc, but you can shoot, it was really hard and WIP, but i’m working on it, but if i continue i will break all the hud

If you have issues just tell me!
Enjoy it like i enjoy making it!

That’s insane. Nice job.

This is awesome. Very nice job.

That’s insane. Nice job.

Is there any way you could add an alternate ammo counter for stuff like SMG grenades, combine balls, and other custom secondary ammo on weapons?

This is flat amazing… Are you willing to sell this?

It’s free on the workshop?

Is easy to me tell you “Yeah, give me 5 bucks for it” but i don’t want it
You’re free to use and edit as your want, i just did it because i love fallout, and if you could pay for it i think you really love it, so it isn’t need to pay something done with love and care
Anyway, I could be full glad if you could donate lonesome dlc

Sure, i will add with a working VATS

the compass really working ? because I remember north being in one of the direction of the tunnels’s

This world needs more winners like you, great job

I sincerily havent setted the “Real” position because the texture doesn’t fit with the real world

time to go kill myself

-Snip didn’t mean to post anything shitty vista lagged out…

I was actually working on a Fallout HUD myself. Guess you beat me to it.

Nice job, looks really good.

Trust me when i say the mad i turned when i seen the fallout roleplay with hud :v

That looks awesome. Gj man. :smiley:

Great work, looks amazing.

This is awesome, best one I have seen so far.

So it’s four people now who made this.

-Johnny Guitar

Am I missing anyone?

EDIT: Although, after watching the video entirely, I have to say this one is really good.

(Now someone needs to make a Pip-boy? That ACTUALLY works?)

I belive that would be me then.

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