Fallout HUD

I decided to flaunt my incompetence in lua by requesting something be done rather than do it myself. So here it is.

Could someone please make a Fallout 3/NV HUD? Where AP is Aux Power, CND is Armor for lack of a better use, the compass actually works, and I’m able to target enemies and see how much health they have left.

That’d be great.

You might want to try the fallout mod, I believe this has a similar hud.
Not sure though, so don’t get your hopes up.

As in Airslide’s fallout mod? Nope, it doesn’t.

Just wait for Silverlan’s gamemode to come out.

Vexxy is working/has finished one, and he’ll probably think I’m creepy for having a picture.

Yeah, I started working on one. I stopped for some reasons but now I think I can resume it.

The Aux power thing wouldn’t work without external code because it’s disabled in gmod.

By targeting do you mean like V.A.T.S?

By targeting I mean you point at an enemy and their health bar shows up like it does in FO3/NV.

I’d wait for silverlan except for the fact that he never releases shit.

If you give me the textures i could do it for you ^^

Oh, that’s already done on mine.

I would honestly like this myself. Though were you working on anything regarding to the color? I think in Fo3 you were able to change it to some presets.

Put it on Gmod.Org… Alot of people might want this

A lot of people don’t bother with gmod.org

Bumping an old thread I think, anyone found anything yet?