Fallout Mapping Model Kit

A friend of mine and I have been porting a lot of fallout stuff lately for a gamemode I’m working on.
I’ve recently finished porting a bunch more content, namely the entire vault tileset and converted what was once a ServerContent addon in to a model pack because I’d love to encourage more people to work on Fallout maps.





Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=768388226

Now go forth and make some awesome maps [sp]that I totally won’t just throw into my gamemode… totally.[/sp]

Also, I’d love to hear your suggestions about anything I should specifically port; if you can think of a cool way to use any Fallout assets that aren’t in this pack, it’s probably worth porting them.

PS. Is this the right place to port stuff like this? the stuff here isn’t really useful to anyone who doesn’t map, so I figure it fits.

Nice. Here’s some resource packs for more variety.

Here’s some clean versions of “dirty only” vault tiles

Here’s some extra dirty vault room types for more variety

Here’s clean lab bits

Here’s some “Enclavified” machinery, probably useful for RP.

Here’s Speedy’s Resource pack.

This pack looks like it’s for maintenance and ventilation shafts, I guess you could use it for that.

Out of those packs I’d probably use the last two, but others could probably use the rest.