Fallout Morning Walk


Stacker tool is awesome.

Holy shazoom.

This inspired me to make a 3D-animation, thanks m8!

BRILLIANT piece, amazing levels of detail.

It’s funny, ever since I watched maze runner sequel (which was meh) and specifically this scene I wanted to make exactly this kind of picture.

Dayuuum, that’s one hell of a scenebuild mate! Fantastic work.

Awesome lighting and build. But seeing the same trash/clutter placed over and over on the street is kind of distracting to me.

Fantastic scene -needs Dogmeat though.

is this gmod?

Yes, I used the stacker tool to make things more duplicated. The volumetric rays were added in photoshop.

Unless you’re saying it looks more like SFM, in that case i am flattered :3

my god u nailed it bruh. great job!


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cool pic tho